Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hurricaines and Colorado

We're really glad that Ike is not heading for us, since Fay did so much flooding damage. However, we're not really out of the woodwork yet, since he still could turn towards us (eastern side of the state). I pray for safety for all of those that are in his path.

Thanks to my awesome mother-in-law, we got 4 tickets to fly out to Denver, Colorado week before last. It was so much fun! We didn't stay around Denver, but went about 2 hours out all the way around in just a few days. We weren't sure that we would even be able to leave Jacksonville, since Fay was hitting as we were leaving. Luckily our flight was the last one out before the airlines started to cancel flights. Unfortunately, it was one of the scariest, jerkiest and bumpiest take offs I have ever experienced. I was actually holding a vomit bag. We got there safely and the next day started to explore the dinosaur museums, went fishing, attempted to see the fossil beds (funnel clouds were spotted, so they didn't reccommend we try it), went camping, and had a lot of fun. Once we got home, the kids were ready to pack up their stuff and move out there (I am right there with them). Maybe in the next year or so Woodland Park, CO or Manitou Springs, CO will be our new home town. :)

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