Monday, June 2, 2008

Somedays I really hate computers

I have been fighting with this computer for going on 3 weeks now. 2 trojans decided to take up residence on my hard drive and even brought a nasty desktop wallpaper/screen saver of bugs crawling around eating my monitor. After every effort and every spyware removal tool was exhausted to no avail, I had to face the inevitable...reinstall Windows XP and all of the programs that were on before. Since I am a videographer and video editor, that was a lot of programs. After finally getting back in business, my internet went down and Comcast's helpful (extreme sarcasm) support team was able to do nothing. So, long story short, I cancelled them (good riddance) and went with Bellsouth/AT&T. I finally got my modem and kit today and I'm almost there. Since Murphy's Law was made for me, I can't fully use my internet because the account number isn't valid for registration. Now I have to wait longer to be fully up and running. At least I can catch up on deleting the 900 spam messages in my inbox until then...

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Jacquie said...

I feel your pain!!! A couple of years ago I listened to my children, bit the bullet and bought a Mac. I could have saved thousands of gray hairs and years off my life from the stress of viruses, and spyware and spam. I am a Mac addict now. No zone alarm, no alerts, no virus protection, no spyware, no problems.


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