Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An "I'm Grounded" poem by Hannah

The World Has Gone Dark
by Hannah Poli (copyright)

Oh the terrible woes that have befallen on my life
All because of thyself
The trees are not flourishing
The grass is not green
The birds have stopped thy beautiful song.

Oh the reminiscence of the days gone by
Of thyself on roller skates having fun in merriment.

I failed to calleth my parents
And received a punishment too terrible to mention.
All in the doing of thyself.

(Does anyone know the moral of this poem?)


The Bare Minimum said...

I really feel the anguish in this poem. I can tell that it came from a really dark and deep pit of despair. I hope Hannah can see the light again one day.

Hannah P said...

From Hannah to Aunt Diana:

Yes it did come from a deep pit of despair. I'm in a spiraling depression right now because I can't go to the skate station when I FINALLY got the nerve to ask a boy out. Now I can't go because I didn't call my mom and dad when I was supposed to. I regret that decision now.


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