Saturday, January 16, 2010

A New Template

I found this adorable template while browsing the net. I have to say it's still worth the trouble of the changes I needed to make to it, and the changes I can't yet figure out. It gave me something to keep my mind other than the yelling, squealing and laughing that comes from a sleepover party with 3 11year olds. I'm glad they're having fun, I'm just maxed out.

Hannah's "Quilt of Super Awesomeness" as she calls it is coming along nicely...slowly but nicely. Confession: I've been addicted to a few choice bloggers' sites on here and am sooo excited about trying some of their projects that I can't seem to focus on the one I'm on. Fingers crossed I'll be able to work on each project until completion BEFORE beginning a new one.

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