Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mom's Christmas Binkie

So mom just sent me pics of her new binkie I made for her for Christmas. I'm excited about it because I didn't use a specific pattern, just went with the flow. I put 4 sawtooth stars in it...one for each of us girls (and in our own styles). I also added a log cabin to represent the times we all spent at Mr. Chamberlin's cabin. Mom's been asking me for a binkie for a few years now...I'm glad I was able to finish it in time (I was literally finishing it up as we were getting ready to go to her house for Christmas.


The Bare Minimum said...

Mom looks really happy with that binkie and I think it turned out great! One question, which star is mine?

Deb said...

The top left one (pink, blue and cream). For some reason those colors always make me think of you...maybe because those were the colors mom decorated with when we were kids haha!


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