Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hannah's "Quilt of Super Awesomeness"

So I finished the blocks for Hannah's quilt last night. I'm going to add (2) 6" long strip to the top and bottom to add length (and provide a fun place to stripe quilt). I really wanted to have 5 rows of blocks, but my budget only allowed enough fabric for 4 rows of blocks.

I ran out of the pretty colored fabric as I finished the last block. I also ran out of the brown fabric as I finished up the last block, so I'll have to wait until Friday to get some more. I let Hannah arrange and rearrange the blocks how she wanted them. I think it looks fun. Hannah is sooo excited she doesn't want to wait until Valentine's Day to snuggle up with it haha! She has named this quilt "Quilt of Super Awesomeness" Man she's a card! haha!

Jacquie, thank you so much for your great tutorial on the Wonky Log Cabin. It didn't turn out quite how I had pictured it, but for my first one I learned a lot and already have things in mind for my next one! It was so liberating not having to follow a strict pattern where the slightest wrong cut or crooked sewing line would ruin the entire block. I LOVED making these blocks!

I'm thinking this year I'll buy a white felt wall so the pictures of the tops show up more. The
background is a nice chocolate, but because of the black felt you can hardly tell. Oh well. :)

Here are some close up pics of the blocks as I was putting them together.

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jacquie said...

deb, what a wonderful way to start 2010!! I love the smile on hannah's face (that is hannah isn't it?) you did a wonderful job. more wonkiness will come (if you want it to) i'm so proud!!


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