Thursday, April 17, 2008

Past Projects

I figured I would put some past projects on here. I'm currently working on a quilt without a pattern (a first for me). Since my favorite part is the hand quilting, I figured maybe without a pattern, I would find a new love for piecing the tops. Once my camera batteries are charged, I'll put up some pics of where I'm at. :)

I got to visit my sister at her coffe shop in Saint Augustine today. We experimented with frappucinos and iced lattes...probably not good for my diet, but treats now and then are ok. Since I won't be helping her work tomorrow and Saturday, I have time to hopefully finish the top of the quilt I started last week.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Hi there, love your work. We live in Valdosta, GA.. thinking about going to St. Augustine for a weekend in the near future, we too..LOVE coffee... maybe we can stop by your sisters shop! ( I can't see how that would be good for my diet either.. but you only live once right?)I'm originally from Miami Florida and lived in West Palm Beach until I moved here. Nice to meet you.


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