Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Binkie and the Park

Yesterday was a great day. I took my son and niece to the park. Unfortunately it was already super hot when we got there, so the slides and most of the equipment were too hot to play on. They did take advantage of the sandbox though. :) Today was really beautiful as well. Elijah is my money saver. He'll save until he has enough to buy what he wants. Hannah will spend it as soon as she gets it, for fear that it will literally burn a hole in her pocket. I took Elijah to the dollar store to spend his set $2. He ended up with a neat car set (because we really need 20 more cars laying around to step on) and a "party set" as he calls it. Yep. Out of all the toys in the store, he went to the housewares section and bought a set that came with a matching plate, bowl, spoon, fork, knife and cup. They had every color imaginable. Out of all of them which did he pick? Purple. I knew as soon as he grabbed it I wouldn't hear the end of it from my husband haha! His favorite color is pink and Jeremy's having a hard time with that. I say it's just a phase and a color. He's a mama's boy...what do you expect? haha! Last year when he broke his arm, I had to talk him out of getting a bright pink cast. Another exciting day in the land of being a mom :)

I'm struggling with how I want to lay out these blocks in the quilt I'm working on. I'm not going by a pattern (they kind of bore me anyway). I always start with a pattern, then it turns into something totally off the beaten path by the time I'm done, so I figured I would just do what came to mind. I think it's because my quilting ADD usually kicks in about mid-project. :) Scrappy quilts are a bit more difficult, but I enjoy it more. My favorite is the hand quilting part anyway haha! I'm sure the layout will look completely different by the time I get done anyway, so I'll update the pictures once I actually get the rest of the blocks done and the top pieced.

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