Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas and the New Year

For some reason, Christmas just didn't feel like Christmas usually does.  Maybe it's because it was my first one as a single mom.  Maybe it's because the weather was unseasonably warm.  Maybe it's because my budget was almost non-existent.  Maybe it's because I worked so much, I just didn't have the energy to put into it what I usually do.  Maybe it's because the kids weren't here to wake me up uber early like they have every year since they were born (they were at their dad's).  I don't know, but Christmas is my favorite holiday, yet this one I was ready to see it go. 

At work, we had a secret Santa exchange, and my person wanted Christmas ornaments.  Being on a super tight budget, I bought one and made one.  Well, the one I made (although the letter is really crooked) got me into the mood to make more for my family.  I made photo books on Snapfish for each of the families and tied an ornament on the package.  I used all scraps from my stash and ones my sister gave me, and didn't use a pattern, but I think they turned out pretty cute...

 Pillowcases for my niece & nephew's bdays...

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