Saturday, May 1, 2010

Has anyone seen April?

With so much going on, once again another month flew by. One day I won't have to work a zillion hours to make sure the bills get paid, kids get fed, etc. I started on my sister's birthday quilt and have completed one row. If I post pictures of how it will look, then the surprise factor will be gone, so you'll just have to wait. Did I mention that she and her clan are coming for a visit??? I'm soooo excited! One of my nephews came to visit and is back in Michigan. We had fun while he was here, and can't wait to see him again in the middle of June!
Both of my other nephews are coming for a visit in June too! Yay family!

Hannah got the viral stomach flu. She yacked 10 times yesterday (she counted). Luckily today she's been able to keep everything down. I hate it when they're sick and you don't have any way to "fix" them. It really makes you feel helpless.

We took Hannah to her junior high orientation this week. Yep, JUNIOR HIGH orientation. I want to start crying again just saying it. I miss the little girl I held in my arms and sang to. I blinked and now she's becoming a young lady. Being at the junior high brought back so many memories from when I was at that point in my life. Yep...the gym still smells like the gym haha! Little man got excited watching the drummers for the band. He was still trying to look cool nodding his head to the music...what a sight!

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Annette said...

I completely understand where your coming from! I love blogging but I am debating on whether I will continue to blog presently or wait for the future when funds are more readily available and time permits. I can't wait to see your quilt


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