Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hannah's quilt update & new project

I'm really happy with the quilting so far on Hannah's Quilt of Super Awesomeness. I'm giving my fingers a few days off so I can work on some little projects for a few people. I'm still pushing to have it finished by Valentine's Day...fingers crossed.

Kitty Kitty can't stay away from Hannah's quilt. Every time I sit down, she has to be on it, even if it's just a piece of the corner or batting. She must know that it's for Hannah. She's actually balancing on my legs that are stretched out onto the ottoman. I don't know how she does it haha!

Here's one of the side projects I'm working on. The picture is horrible, but it's late and everyone's in bed, so the lighting is bad. I'll try to take a better picture once I'm done. I love the vibrant colors in this. It gives me the warm fuzzies :) I got the basic design from one of those fake credit cards that come in men's wallets when you buy them. I loved it so much I tried to build off of it. I'm still trying to learn and develop my own flavor. I've been a pattern person for so long, I've been too scared to venture out on my own...until now. Thanks to Jacqui from Tallgrass Prairie Studio, I've been experimenting left and right. I'm a little bummed on this piece. I drew it smaller/skinnier, but I haven't quite grasped the scaling aspect of things, so it's thicker than I wanted. Oh well, chalk one up to experience I guess.

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Miss Nettie said...

Hannah's quilt is awesome!!! Good Luck on your Valentine's deadline, you can do it. I absolutely love everything on that quilt block, I love those fabrics too.


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