Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm A Sucker for Puppy Eyes

I finished little man's quilt a few hours ago. He was so excited he begged me to give it to him tonight. I told him he had to wait, since it is his present for Valentine's Day. When I was putting it in the dryer, my husband brought him in the laundry room and whispered to him that if he gave me the puppy eyes, maybe I would let him have it early. Well, needless to say I caved, and he's now sleeping with it. I've never been one to wait, so it was kind of a relief haha! I am back to working on the hand quilting for Hannah's. I guess she'll be getting hers early too :)

I'll put pics of little man with his new binkie up once I find where Hannah hid my camera lol!

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